Bandicam Screen Recorder Download is one of the best Clip capture software programs which allows you to record videos of tutorials & webcams.

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Do you want khổng lồ capture a VCR, Camcorder, DVD, or Set-Top Box on your PC?

If you have a capture card or TV tuner card (hardware) và video clip capture program, you can capture the VCR, DVD, or Set-Top Box và save it as a video clip file (*.mp4, *.avi) like the digital video clip recorder (DVR) does.These days, video capture software allows users to capture not only external video clip devices but also computer screens, video clip tutorials, online academic lessons, lectures, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, Skype video clip calls & CCTV on their PCs.


Why for video clip capture?

Video capture programs have sầu been around for a long time, & each of them come with their own strengths.That being said, while some are feature-rich, they are also hard khổng lồ use, and as such, the end-user ends up passing on them. But wouldn"t it be great if there was a feature-richand extensive sầu screen recording software that was also easy to lớn use? Well, that’s where Screen Recorder comes is a không tính tiền Clip capture program that lets you record đoạn phim from games, desktop or external sources. It has been designed for people who need robust functionality, and ease of use.It is recommended for businesses và professionals aiming to produce short videos especially tutorial videos for their YouTube Channel or Social Media department or team. » Reviews

How to capture an external đoạn phim device such as a webcam, VCR, Camcorder, DVD, Set-Top Box, Xbox, or điện thoại thông minh.

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If you have a webcam device, you can record the webcam screen without the capture device (hardware) through the "Device Recording" mode of, if you want to capture a VCR, Camcorder, DVD, Set-Top Box, Xbox/PlayStation, Apple TV/HDTV or điện thoại thông minh, you need a capture thẻ (hardware).


To capture an external đoạn Clip device, please connect the external device khổng lồ your capture card & follow the steps below:

Step 2: Select the device you want to lớn record.Step 3: Select the video form size, FPS and color space.Step 4: If you can see the device screen, clichồng the < REC >
khổng lồ start the recording.

If you see an error message which says "Failed to lớn initialize the video capture device",

Please uninstall/exit the other webcam program, & then reinstall the latest version of webcam/capture device driver.

If you have a USB capture device,

Please plug the device into a USB 3.0 slot. A PCI/PCI-E capture thẻ is usually better than a USB capture thẻ.