Tôi sinh con cho kẻ sát nhân

I Gave sầu Birth khổng lồ a Villain’s Child, I Raised the Son of a Murderer, Tôi sinc bé mang đến kẻ gần kề nhân, 살인귀의 아이를 낳았다

I Gave sầu Birth To A Murderer’s Child

Karinne, she is the daughter of Viscount Tyrian.She could be sold as one of the lustful Count Dupo’s concubines.

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After sleeping with a mysteriously handsome stranger, Karinne gave sầu birth lớn her son… all went according to lớn plan!

After deeming his daughter worthless, he sold her.

Losing her will to lớn live sầu, she reunites with the man with whom she spent that fateful night, who is revealed to be the Gr& Duke.

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I Gave Birth khổng lồ a Villain’s Child, I Raised the Son of a Murderer, 살인귀의 아이를 낳았다


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