Pokémon Ultra Sun Và Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra SunUltra Moon are less like new games in the RPG franchise, và more like definitive sầu remakes of last year’s Pokémon Sun & Moon. That includes what makes each one different from the other — but in case you didn’t play Sun and Moon already, it’s important to lớn know what those differences are. If nothing else, knowing the exclusives should help you decide whether you’d rather play Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

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The starring legendaries

Pokétháng Ultra Sun once again gives players the chance to catch Solgaleo, a steel-/psychic-type Pokémon. Meanwhile, Ultra Moon stars the psychic-/ghost-type Lunala. Note that they each have sầu a new size in the games that weren’t obtainable in Sun and Moon.

The Pokétháng Company

Exclusive Pokémon

OK, so here’s the big deciding factor. There are certain Pokémon (& the chất lượng not-quite-Pokétháng, Ultra Beasts) that are only found in the wild while playing Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Regarding your average, run-of-the-mill Pokémon, the lakiểm tra pair of games features the same mix of exclusives as last year’s phối. The tweet below, also from năm nhâm thìn, has the full lineup.

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Here are the version exclusives from both games!!Posted cause it"s lớn help y"all decide what version you want & has no spoilers IMO. pic.twitter.com/gvwlw8T4ni

— Kahuna Vishwa (
DecidueyeX) November 10, 2016

There are a few Pokémon that make their seventh-gene debut in Ultra SunMoon, though. That includes totally new Ultra Beasts, along with a legion of legendary Pokétháng that can be found in-game. (They’re dispersed throughout the ultra wormholes that are also introduced in the new games.)

Below, you’ll find the legendaries exclusive lớn Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Prefer guys lượt thích Entei & Lugia? Grab Ultra Moon. More into, say, Dialga and Groudon? Ultra Sun is your pick.

The Pokétháng Company
There are also three new Ultra Beasts, & two of them are version exclusives. (The third, UB Adhesive sầu, will be distributed through the Mystery Gift function lớn all players.) The sentient clown-lollipop ... thing UB Burst shows up in Ultra Sun, while UB Assembly, which is a gigantic wall with eyes và legs, is Ultra Moon’s special Beast.

The other new thing is that there are collectible Totem Pokémon this time around. These are the oversized, extra-svào Pokétháng that typically serve sầu as the final bosses of Alola’s isl& trials. If you piông xã up special stickers spread across the world, you can trade them in khổng lồ get Totem Pokémon for your own collection.

In Ultra Sun, players are gifted a giant Gumshoos when they hvà in trăng tròn stickers, and a big Lurantis after collecting 50 stickers. At the 20-sticker mark in Ultra Moon, players get a Totem Raticate; 50 stickers awards them a Totem Salazzle.

The same ol’ time difference

Just as SunMoon did, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon operate on quality day-night cycles. When it’s daytime in the real world, it’s nighttime in Ultra Moon. Ultra Sun will mirror your actual surroundings, on the other hvà. This makes a difference for certain timing-based evolutions, but it’s also good khổng lồ know if you play a lot during the night và would lượt thích khổng lồ see your Pokémon in the sunlight once in a while, for example.

The rest is up lớn you

These are the biggest things you’ll miss out on if you choose Ultra Moon over Ultra Sun and vice versa. What it always boils down khổng lồ with Pokétháng is personal preference, because these changes aside, everything else about these Nintenvì 3DS games is the same.