Can i make an iphone 3gs run on ios 7?

I’m have difficulty downloading WhatsApp on my iPhone 3GS because it is running game ios 6, which WhatsApp no longer supports.

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How can I update my iPhone 3GS to ios 7?


I’ve corrected this question assuming he meant iPhone 3GS, since he said he was running ios 6. The 3G is limited to game ios 5.
There was a project for the iPhone 2G & iPhone 3G as well as the iPod 1G and 2G MB/MC called the WhiteDoor project, it was a custom firmware for the original iPhone that was designed khổng lồ update the graphics, backport several features of newer ios versions, và generally increase the scope of capability for the original iPhone so that it could still be used with modern apps và features.

It would seem that this project, called BlackDoor is the same idea as the WhiteDoor firmware, but designed for newer outdated iPhones (model 3GS is supported whereas WhiteDoor only supports up to lớn the 3G.)

BlackDoor firmware comes pre jailbroken, và has both Cydia, Installous, và IPA Installer by default. You may be able to lớn find a modern copy of WhatsApp that is compatible with your mã sản phẩm of iPhone on Cydia, as I know software is often maintained for older devices on there. Alternatively you should be able to lớn install an older version of WhatsApp that is compatible with your device through Installous, or directly through IPA Installer if you can find the IPA (iPhone Application file) for an older version of it.

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In any sự kiện it would seem lượt thích a jailbreak would be the best bet for you going forward in general, given how long it has been since táo khuyết dropped tư vấn for the iPhone 3GS it is pretty much the only way you will be able khổng lồ get ahold of và install apps who have dropped support for quả táo 6, or use any features exclusive khổng lồ newer versions of ios without buying a new iPhone.

Options for jailbreaking include using the Evad3rs method (probably the easiest for someone new khổng lồ jailbreaking, and will keep all of your data, a quick tìm kiếm should provide all needed info.), backing up your data and installing the BlackDoor firmware (as previously mentioned it comes pre-jailbroken, info about it, instructions on how to lớn install it, and downloads for it can be found here BlackDoor website). Be aware that if you intend to install BlackDoor it is based on quả táo 3.1.3 so it will be a substantial downgrade, only use this if you aren"t comfortable with jailbreaking your iPhone yourself.

Finally there is always the option of downloading a copy of the newest version of game ios 6 (6.1.2), opening it, injecting the jailbreak files, và required SHSH Blobs, creating a new custom firmware from the modified copy, signing it with a signature spoofing program lượt thích iFaith và manually installing it by putting the iPhone in DFU mode.

Obviously the last option is the most involved and I bởi not recommend attempting it unless you have a substantial amount of experience with jailbreaking iDevices. In any event though even if you can find an older copy of WhatsApp you will not be able khổng lồ install it unless the device is jailbroken, as a jailbreak is required to lớn install software without using the AppStore. Ultimately the Evad3rs method is probably the best option for you, và you can find it here if you are interested.