Here are the top không tính tiền games for 2022, including Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, Warframe, Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering Arena, & more


War Thunder

You don’t have to lớn find a group of like-minded aviation enthusiasts on a message board and join their virtual squadron khổng lồ enjoy War Thunder. You don’t have lớn choose between realism or accessibility, either. You just tải về it, và then you’re flying – or driving, or shooting, or even both at the same time.

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This massively-multiplayer WW2 combat trò chơi effortlessly encompasses all of the explosions and excitement that planes & tanks are capable of generating. Not sure where khổng lồ start? OurWar Thunder tipswill help point your tank’s cannon in the right direction. If you’re looking forwar gamesthat put you in the thick of it then War Thunder is for you.

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Raid: Shadow Legends

You can now play one of the best-known di động RPGs for không tính tiền on PC. Raid’s turn-based combat and squad management require some strategic thinking, even from veterans of the genre. The game features over 300 heroes for you to collect, each with their own stats and unique abilities, meaning you’ll have khổng lồ tweak và optimise your squad to make the most of your characters’ strengths.

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You can also take the fight online by either teaming up with other players in co-op, err, raids, or defeating their squad in battle to gain valuable rewards.

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World of Tanks

One of the mightiestPC tank gamesthere has ever been, World of Tanks is an accessible & exciting tank simulator that is built on a foundation of complex trò chơi mechanics. It pits two teams of tankers against each other in a classic deathmatch scenario.

Play Now Free to Play World of Tanks StrategyMilitaryMMOPlay Now There are hundreds of vehicles lớn unlock across ten different tiers, from speedy scouts lớn hulking heavies. You will be surprised at how many tanks Wargaming have managed to lớn cram in.

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This Battlefield-esque tactical shooter prides itself on its historical accuracy, providing you with era-appropriate weapons and equipment as you lead your squad of AI soldiers through some of the most famous campaigns of WWII.

As in War Thunder (developer Gaijin’s F2P hit), you’ll also have access khổng lồ a range of aircraft, tanks, và vehicles khổng lồ help you on your way lớn victory, which are unlocked through the distinct skill sets of each of your squad members.

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As squad leader, it’s up khổng lồ you to command the actions of your troops throughout each battle, but should the worst happen và you’re taken out by a stray bullet, you’ll switch khổng lồ the POV of a different thành viên of your division. Surely, a welcome solution to those of us who’ve spent far too many hours face down in the mud, waiting to be revived by a teammate with different priorities.

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World of Warships

If you like the idea of World of Tanks but the battlefields just are not wet enough, then you need World of Warships. Introducing the navy to lớn the concept of deathmatch, the controls are simple and welcoming, but allow for interesting tactics.

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World of Warships is more fun than Total War’s pondering naval engagements, definitely more approachable than Silent Hunter, và far, far deeper than the Pirates games. Surprisingly deep, if you’ll excuse the submariner humour. TheWorld of Warships esportsscene is also far more exciting than it has any right to lớn be.

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has drawn a lot of comparisons lớn Breath of the Wild, và it’s not hard khổng lồ see why. Its open world is massive và jaw-droppingly pretty, but there’s also an abundance of resources lớn collect, craft, and cook with, not to mention puzzles và minibosses that can be bested by using elemental powers with the environment rather than starting a brawl.

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Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Halo & Portal may not be free, but thankfully Splitgate: Arena Warfare is, và it’s a beautiful hybrid of both of them. It takes everything that’s good about Halo’s online battles và then cranks up the fun a notch by adding in Portal gun mechanics.

Created by indie developers, 1047 Games, Splitgate gives you an FPS experience quite unlike any other. By giving players the ability to create portals around the arena, they’ve added so much nuance to the classic formula. The portals allow you to create quick escape routes or vantage points và really reward players who are good at thinking outside of the box. If that sounds like your kind of thing, you shouldtry this game.

The main story will keep you battling through the first 30 hours, but that’s mostly because the massive mở cửa world of Teyvat will keep pulling you in every direction with camps to clear out, puzzles to lớn solve, và the promise of shiny new loot. There are some parts of the mở cửa world you won’t be able lớn engage with without accessing some of the characters who are hidden behind gacha mechanics, but you can enjoy the whole main story và the majority of the open-world relatively uninterrupted by paid mechanics.

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Forge of Empires

If you’re aching lớn hone your management skills while quenching your thirst for historical strategy, then Forge of Empires’ browser-based realm building could be right up your street.

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Beginning with a handful of Stone Age huts & spear-wielding warriors, you’ll lead your small settlement through a range of familiar time periods – conquering, expanding, and building your way khổng lồ a modern metropolis. Lead your growing armies lớn victory in turn-based combat sequences, join other players to size guilds, và research groundbreaking discoveries that lead you from one century khổng lồ the next.

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Conqueror’s Blade

Embrace your inner knight as you engage in epic siege warfare in Conqueror’s Blade. Pick a anh hùng from a selection of medieval classes và lead them into battle, commanding a small battalion of troops into seemingly-insurmountable sieges.

The gameplay switches between third-person combat and top-down views of the 30-player battles, so it’s important to lớn make best use of your siege equipment and give astute tactical orders so that your troops emerge victorious – & alive.

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Star Conflict

A shiny, colourful space sim that places you in a massively multiplayer universe, Star Conflict drops you right in the middle of an interplanetary skirmish that encompasses both PvE & PvP. Its void is as roomy as any other sector of space you might name, while its busy, man-made surface environments recall the twisty tunnels of the Descent series.

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So many great things have started out as jokes: bacon flavoured cola, sincere Spinal Tap fans, Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, and now CRSED. Formally known as Cuisine Royale, this free-to-playbattle royale gamewhere you strap pots and pans lớn yourself in place of plate armour started out as a spinoff for squad-based MMO shooter Enlisted, but quickly garnered its own player base. Và it’s easy khổng lồ see why as the freedom of being a ‘joke’ trò chơi has allowed developer Darkflow Software to experiment with mechanics PUBG wouldn’t dare consider, like demonic powers, Champions, & even jetpacks.

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Crossout is a vehicular combat MMO in which you craft outlandish cars và then drive them into battle alongside other players. Set lớn a Mad-Max-stye backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there’s an emphasis on deep customisation as well as skilful driving & aiming.

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Crossout contains a variety of co-op và competitive trò chơi modes, as well as a marketplace full of tradable goods. The sheer number ofCrossout factions, different body toàn thân types, guns, cannons, và armour ensures that there are many different ways lớn play… although they are all pretty deadly.

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Neverwinter comes from a long line of ambitious, multiplayer Dungeons và Dragons PC games – including both the original Neverwinter Nights – the first ever MMOs with graphics – & the BioWare game of the same name.Neverwinter, however, is the cheapest yet at a tempting $0.00, và benefits from the massively-multiplayer expertise of đô thị of Heroes studio Cryptic.

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Packed with action-focused combat, challenging dungeons, & amazing locations to lớn explore, this is one of thebest RPGson this list. It is also fantastic for Forgotten Realms fan service: a place where you can meet both RA Salvatore’s Drizzt và Minsc from Baldur’s Gate.

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Star Trek Online

Who wouldn’t want lớn take control of a starship, explore the fringes of the galaxy, battle dangerous aliens và train an elite crew of pangalactic professionals?

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Star Trek Online is your chance to show the mạng internet that you’d make a much better Picard than Picard. Or, at least, than they do. Each quest in this MMO is like an episode of the show, & each mission series is an arc, complete with the occasional filler episode. Packed full of the best pieces from Roddenberry’s universe, this is the only MMO for a true Trekkie.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is one of thebest MMOsavailable. Even better: you can play a huge chunk of it for free. There’s a lot lớn do, from traditional questing for NPCs khổng lồ zone events where everyone can suddenly get involved và work as a massive team to lớn bring down a boss, or help a burning village. The free-to-play base game is huge, & if you choose to purchase the Path of Fire expansion, they’ll throw in the Heart of Thorns expansion free.

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Lost Ark

One of our favourite new MMO games, this one has been out in South Korea for a while, but has finally landed in the west. It’s a curious mixture of Final Fantasy XIV and Diablo, and so far people seem to be enjoying it very much, if they can get into a Lost Ark server, that is.

Lost Ark is free-to-play, but if youdofancy spending some money there are some starter packs you can check out:

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Magic: The Gathering Arena

Thanks to lớn CCG titan Hearthstone, there are a lot more thẻ gaming experts around than there used lớn be. Recent card gaming converts can move onto games like Gwent or The Elder Scrolls: Legends for themed twists that boast a few new mechanics, but if you want a real challenge then you can’t beat Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Wizards of the Coast’s latest digital port of the revered paper thẻ game is certainly not for the faint-hearted – it’s based on the trading card game that’s been going since 1993, so you can only imagine how many cards & keywords are at play. Magic: The Gathering Arena does an excellent job of shedding some of that historic baggage while retaining most of the complexity that makes Magic so special, & it comes complete with all of the board animations and sensory delights that we’ve come khổng lồ expect of modern CCGs.

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Everything’s better in space, as Warframe proves with its Ninjas in space theme. It is a co-op third-person trò chơi where teams of ninjas suited up in powerful ‘Warframe’ armours head out to slice up bad guys, or just hang out at the dojo. It blends some MMO elements with the sensibilities of a more straightforward kích hoạt game, creating something slick, exciting, & very sociable.

Although it’s not without depth: you can pour hundreds of hours into perfectingWarframe builds. The trò chơi is often compared lớn Destiny, và Warframe players will even tell you that it is far better than Bungie’s triple-A shooter.Though theoriginal developerswere bought out by Tencent, Warframe remains “creatively independent”.

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ArcheAge is the closest thing we’ve got to a proper pirate MMO. You can try to lớn master the endless sea as a notorious pirate or choose lớn be a humble peddler of crafted goods. The labour system – how ArcheAge gates its content – may take time khổng lồ get used to, but nevertheless it is a really solid free-to-play experience.

Even if you’re not after one of thebest pirate games, there’s plenty of classic fantasy MMO elements khổng lồ keep you happy. Yes, magical swords và fancy armour are still a huge part of ArcheAge. Some of that armour is on the backs of rồng mounts – majestic killers raised by players who want lớn tame the skies as well as the seas.ArcheAge: Unchained, a version of ArcheAge that requires a one-time purchase, was released in 2019 – but the original is still one of the best không tính phí MMOs around.


Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV has earned its spot among the best free PC games the hard way. After a disastrous launch và many months spent recovery mode developers developer Square Enix has managed to right the course of its ambitious Final Fantasy MMO and build one of the best gaming communities along the way. Và yes, while the full trò chơi isn’t không tính phí you can invest a solid chunk of time into the free trial version, which caps your progress at màn chơi 60.

A Realm Reborn isn’t just a great PC game, it really draws on everything that makes the Final Fantasy series so popular: beautiful worlds, eccentric characters, stylish cutscenes, và adorable critters. The widely acclaimed 2019 expansion, Shadowbringers, introduced a huge amount of new content, while the latest expansionhas proven just as popular (and received 9/10 in our Endwalker review).



Trove may look a lot like Minecraft, but in reality it’s a thoroughbred MMO replete with classes inspired by sword & sorcery classics. Just like those MMO greats, Trove is also all about grinding for more and more gear, making it a great hobby trò chơi especially as it regularly receives hefty updates that địa chỉ everything from new dungeons to lớn PvP trò chơi modes for you to try out.


Eve Online

No MMO can claim to be as player-driven asEve Online, with the space game/lifestyle boasting mega-corporations run by legions of players and, very occasionally, gigantic space battles with upwards of 5,000 participating pilots.

New lớn Eve?Read ourEve Online beginner’s guide

Eve Online’s free-to-play model lets players experience all of that space madness (bar access to lớn some of the end-game ships và skills) without having to lớn pay a subscription fee.


Albion Online

Albion Online’s class-less sandbox MMO is a refreshing journey into a medieval world where you’re not bound to lớn a certain playstyle. Albion is less about character builds and more about strategy và tactics in a PvP driven environment that focuses on building a guild with fellow players.

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It’s a high-stakes venture and creates battles that quickly turn on their head. Although Albion Online’s environment leaves much lớn be imagined, the player-controlled economy và unforgiving loot system make for hours lost battling foes, delving into dungeons, & riding through lush green fields on your loyal steed.



Sure, quái thú Hunter: World may have finally made the leap from console, but Dauntless offers the same brilliant monster-slaying game play in a miễn phí PC game. Dauntless lets you buddy up with up to three friends in co-op & take on a series of increasingly challenging Behemoths (you can read our Dauntless guide if you need help), each one offering a new set of attacks & abilities lớn learn and overcome. Just make sure that your tiệc nhỏ is packing a variety of weapons as you will need lớn chain abilities và combos khổng lồ stand any chance of taking down these challenging beasts.


Call of Duty: Warzone

There’s finally a free way to play call of Duty, & while it doesn’t include the campaign, co-op, or standard multiplayer, Warzone’s 150-player battle royale is still one of the best additions to CoD in recent years. Infinity Ward has stripped away many of the complicated looting systems of other BR titles & added in plenty of respawn mechanics to lớn ensure you can always fight your way back into a match.

It’s a much more simple take on the formula, but ultimately that means you just need khổng lồ focus on one thing: winning gunfights. We’ve prepared a list of the best Warzone PC settings to help you gain an edge, plus the best Warzone loadouts for a range of different scenarios.


World of Warplanes

Seize the free-to-play concepts behind World of Tanks, take them lớn the skies, and you have World of Warplanes, a trò chơi of whirling dogfights và nail-biting bombing runs for teams of jet bombers and biplanes alike. It’s getting sleeker & shinier with every release, và is certainly one of the best World War 2 games going.


Heavy Metal Machines

Love crunchy guitar riffs và destruction derbies? Of course you do. Heavy Metal Machines is a 4v4 car battle brawler that marries the two. The aim is simple: you và your three teammates must rush to lớn collect the bomb & fire it into the other team’s goal, or rather, jaws of death. You can try & avoid the carnage or master the mayhem in this brutal take on Rocket League’s balletic oto combat.

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Apex Legends

Swooshing onto the scene from a well-placed zipline, Apex Legends has more than earned its place among the best battle royale games. From the developers behind Titanfall, Apex Legends takes the BR formula & adds a roster of intriguing Apex Legends characters that infuse each round with new tactical possibilities depending on your team composition. They’ve also stirred up the genre by adding intuitive contextual pings – making communication with your team a piece of cake – & introducing the ability to respawn your downed teammates, ensuring you can blame your squad for your demise at least twice a game.

As we discuss in our Apex Legends review, the game has particularly satisfying movement – you’ll be skidding down slopes, clambering through buildings & launching yourself into the sky to lớn reposition – và character abilities that make you feel lượt thích you’ve got the chance to steal the edge in combat, even against the champion squad.


Destiny 2

Destiny 2 arrived on Steam with the Shadowkeep expansion in October 2019, và simultaneously opened up the base game, the Leviathan raid, và several PvP modes lớn everyone for free. Team up with your friends và go on adventures in search of shiny loot like Destiny 2 Exotics, or duke it out against other players in the Crucible – Destiny 2 has something to offer everyone, from casual players looking for somewhere to lớn hang out, lớn hardcore raid fans & collectors.


Legends of Runeterra

One of the newercard games on the block, Legends of Runeterraarrived in early 2020 – và has proven khổng lồ be a big hit. From the minds behind one of the best MOBAs, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra promises to lớn shake up the languid thẻ game scene with a back-and-forth approach.

Unlike some of its thẻ game rivals, Legends of Runeterra lets you earn thẻ packs through chơi game instead of asking you to fork over real paper for digital cards.Get to lớn grips with the rules with our guides onhow to lớn play Legends of Runeterra & the Legends of Runeterra cards.



Shortly after Shadowverse’s mobile release in nhật bản in 2016, it became the biggest strategic thẻ game in the country, and with good reason. This charmingly designed CCG eases you in gently with its tutorial & single-player story mode, & keeps you coming back with complex gameplay and new thẻ packs every three months.

You have seven different leader classes khổng lồ choose from, và they each allow significant strategic depth. Whether you are an aggressive, cautious, or sneaky player, Shadowverse will cater to lớn your playstyle.



When it comes lớn mini-games, the card-based collect-a-thon enjoyed across Temeria inThe Witcher 3: Wild Huntdoesn’t get more detailed or compulsive. The world might be being threatened by menacing, masked bad guys và an all-consuming frost, but it was Gwent khổng lồ which we lost countless hours.

Fans of Sapkowski’s fantastical world cried out for more tactical goodness, và the much deeper Gwent: The Witcher card Game duly arrived sporting prettier graphics and higher production values to match. The increased variety of unit types & abilities leaves the original mini-game in the dust. What’s more, you can bởi vì battle with this free-to-play trò chơi online in casual và ranked matches, too – make sure you kiểm tra out ourGwent decksguide before you jump in. This free PC trò chơi only receives updates on the mobile & PC platforms, as CD Projekt Red discontinued support for consoles on December 9, 2019.



Do we need to tell you what Fortnite is? You probably already play it, sinceFortnite’s player countis 250 million & counting. Among them are the biggest Twitch streamers, sports stars, và celebrities. Epic’s battle royale really needs no introduction: it’s the biggest cultural shift in gaming since League of Legends.

Aside from being không tính tiền to play, there are several reasons why Fortnite has wiped the floor with the competition. Despite being thrown together in a couple of months và bolted onto the side of the original Fortnite: Save the World game, this cartoony last-man-standing is the ever-evolving foundation for weekly updates, seasonal changes, and a plethora of genre-defining new ideas.

However often you log in, there’s always a new challenge to complete, và the Fortnite Battle Pass system rewards the most devout players with heaps of rewards. Casual players need not fear though; simple shooting and rules keep it accessible, và the building mechanics offers depth to lớn chase. Not sure where khổng lồ start? OurFortnite tipswill guide you to lớn a Victory Royale.



Paladins is a team-based anh hùng shooter that pits teams of colourful, ability-laden heroes against each other. Yes, it is a bit like Overwatch, but shares many of Blizzard’s titan’s merits as a tactical murder simulator and provides them at a fraction of the cost. You can play as a mecha-goblin or gigantic rolling bomb và work in conjunction with your comrades to knock the numbers out of your opponents before diving on the objective. Bonus: everyone gets their own horse. If you’re not sure where to start, our guide to thebest Paladins championswill help you out.



Blizzard’s world-dominating thẻ game is about as addictive as chips. Who’s ever had enough chips? You’ve always got room for more chips, and you’ve always got time for another trò chơi of Hearthstone. With a gargantuan selection of cards, the game now supports hundreds of different play styles, which you can easily tailor by building your perfectHearthstone decks. The heart of Blizzard’s CCG is in its competitive multiplayer matches, but Dungeon Run provides an excellent và moreish solo card experience few other games can match.

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If you’re a fan hâm mộ of autobattler games, Hearthstone have got their own tavern-tinged take in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, which pits you against seven other players & offers you a random selection of Hearthstone Battlegrounds cards lớn build your hand with each round.


League of Legends

Inspired by the original Dota, League of Legends takes the same 5v5 base attack concept, but introduces a completely different roster of playable characters that is constantly being expanded. Many players find League of Legends is easier & more accessible than Dota, but it is still extremely nuanced; it has one of the highest skill ceilings in gaming, & the best players are considered tactical geniuses.

More than 100 million people play it every month, so you won’t struggle to lớn find a game, and you’re guaranteed lớn find a fewLoL championsthat you can’t stop playing.


Dota 2

Two teams of five choose theirDota 2 heroesfrom a selection of hundreds before taking khổng lồ the battlefield lớn destroy their opponent’s base. It is no mean feat, as both teams bases spawn waves of creatures & are protected by powerful towers. Each player will need to make the best of their hero’s abilities in what is not only a game, but a sport.

It is tough, complex, & inspires fanaticism in its fans. It is one of the most played games on Steam, & draws in hundreds of thousands of players every day.


Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s stab at taking on League of Legends & the MOBA crowd. Yet this 5v5 arena trò chơi isn’t just another Dota clone. Instead of a single map, Heroes of the Storm has many themed arenas that ask you not only lớn defeat the enemy but also complete side quests to lớn help improve your chances. Not only does this provide variety, but it is intensely fun.

Combined with the All-Stars approach that pulls maps and characters from every Blizzard trò chơi – from Warcraft khổng lồ Overwatch – Heroes of the Storm is the most polished of the MOBA gang, & the easiest to lớn pick up and play. You can also expect a consistent stream of new characters like the massive dragon Deathwing from Warcraft lore.


Team Fortress 2

Valve’s class-based shooter,Team Fortress 2, has achieved legendary status thanks to lớn its varied game modes, impeccable sense of fun, and being home to more hats than the world’s millinery stores combined. The whole game is free-to-play these days, from the standard shoot-everything-that-moves deathmatches lớn the fantastic Mann vs Machine co-op mode where teams fend off waves of robots. Not to lớn mention it’s constantly being cared for with regular seasonal updates.


Armored Warfare

In Armored Warfare, the tanks of today and tomorrow are at war. The idea is that you’re fighting as part of a modern-day private military company. Big player-versus-player rucks are exciting, but if you’re not into that, there’s a co-op chiến dịch you can play with your mates and heaps of events lượt thích the Asian-themed Spirithaven season.



Normally if you want to lớn take charge of massive airships, you’ll need a fair amount of cash và hours of training. With Dreadnought, a team-based dogfighter from Yager Development, you can pilot massive spaceships across the skies of many different planets for absolutely zero cost.

Dreadnought gives you access to lớn a variety of ships equipped with massive, earth-shattering weapons that you can customise down to the last thermal exhaust port. The combat is a tactical affair, with a combination of slow methodical broadside assaults và rapid, piercing strikes. There are several game modes to lớn choose from in thisspace game, and doing well in the tactical team-based warfare will reward you with an ever-growing fleet of ships.


Path of Exile

An action-RPG in the mould of Diablo, Path of Exile is one of the most polished, well-executed games on this list. Adventure with a friend or two through hundreds of areas in a dark fantasy world that provides a dizzying collection of monsters khổng lồ repeatedly click on until they squish. Path of Exile does feature a microtransaction system but it’s admirably unobtrusive, plus there’s a massive miễn phí expansion every few months such as Expedition in July 2021.


Lord of the Rings Online

Standing Stone Game’s free-to-play MMO transports you lớn perhaps the most famous fantasy setting there has ever been. Explore Tolkien’s Middle-earth, from The Shire to lớn Mordor, và build up a character than will be worthy of 1v1ing Sauron himself.

The Lord of the Rings Online store is where premium players can drop pennies, but frugal adventurers can thất bại themselves in Middle-earth just as easily.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

After a long, slow start, Star Wars: The Old Republic is now a stellar MMO – particularly thanks lớn the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, which is basically ‘BioWare does a proper KOTOR sequel’. It is a fast-paced action-RPG with lightsabers & space combat và Jedi houses và bounty hunters and, if you go full dark side, you can fire lightning from your fingertips. It really is one of thebest Star Wars gamesaround.



Following the same formula as League of Legends and Dota 2, Smite has teams of five players trying to lớn fight their way into their opponent’s base. Rather than giving players a top-down view of the battlefield, however, it chooses a third-person perspective, switching the focus of the game from tactics to action. Plus, instead of a roster of colourful fantasy characters, each player takes on the role of almightySmite godsinspired by real religions, from Norse khổng lồ Celtic lớn Chinese.


Rogue Company

It’s strange lớn think that Rogue Company released a whole two years ago, but if you have yet to give this tactical third-person shooter trò chơi a try, make today the day you finally bởi so. The trò chơi was inspired by the Counter-Strike series, so if you enjoy CS:GO, you’ll probably find yourself drawn lớn Rogue Company.

There are a number of different playable characters to choose from (called Rogues), who each bring their own abilities – one of them, for example, can see outlines of enemy players through walls, while another can create a radar system that’ll alert them whenever enemies are near it. All the different Rogues create a nuanced way khổng lồ play & even though it’s free, microtransactions are only used on characters & emotes.

Planetside 2

Battle has never been so big. Imagine entire continents at war, with tanks, trucks, & fighter craft alongside hordes of infantry. Throw that into the far future & you’ve got PlanetSide 2, a never-ending conflict on an incredible scale that’s pretty damn good-looking to boot. There is nothing else quite lượt thích this out there, especially when it comes tofree Steam games.


D&D Online

Do you want a chance lớn adventure in some of the most famous fantasy worlds there ever were? With D&D Online you can set foot in the Forgotten Realms and the land of Eberron, stepping into the well-worn boots of a thief or a spellcaster as you fight dragons and demons. It’s not often you get high fantasy for free.



This golden oldie continues to lớn be one of the largest MMORPGs ever made, as well as holding the record for being the most updated trò chơi in history.

Runescapehas an enormous player base & a massive, ever-evolving world lớn explore, full of challenges that you can choose according khổng lồ your own interests. Want khổng lồ fight, complete quests, or just lớn play minigames? In Runescape it is entirely up to you.


Heroes và Generals

Do you want to shoot all the guns và make all the decisions? War isn’t all about what happens on the front line, but nor is it about the decisions made back at headquarters, so Heroes và Generals is the perfect game for players who want to lớn try a bit of both. The game has been tailored for a variety of Heroes & Generals players, so there’s something for all different skill levels.

Plus, it’s still getting massive updates on the regular, which have added new game modes, seasonal events, và control overhauls. The game also now gives you the first soldier for không tính tiền when you unlock a new class, meaning it’s even easier for new players lớn find their favourite.


Spelunky Classic

It says something about how special PC gaming is that one of the best platformers we’ve ever seen is still free. Spelunky is inspired by 8-bitold games, but it procedurally generates its levels so that you have something new khổng lồ explore every time you play. It also has snakes, boulders, ice caves, & more bats than you can shake your shotgun at. If you can find one in the darkness.


Alien Swarm

A top-down, team-based action game where each of you takes the role of an engineer, medic, gunner, và so forth. Alien Swarm takes its inspiration from a certain very famous sci-fi film and throws hordes of horrific extraterrestrials at you across a series of ever more difficult levels.

Race against the clock và coordinate with your team khổng lồ get lớn the shuttle or to lớn put up your sentry guns before time runs out.


Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is a super-fast, super-dangerous platformer where enemies constantly drop from the đứng top of the screen. Score points not by killing them, but by collecting crates, each of which has a new weapon for you, though some are much better than others.

Let any of the monsters past you & into the fire below and they respawn more powerful than before. Repeat this formula và enjoy ad infinitum. It’s a shame that Vlambeer is no more, but at least this trò chơi is still here for us khổng lồ play.


Teamfight Tactics

This không tính phí autobattler trò chơi by Riot takes on the same characters and lore as League of Legends and places them on a chess-like board khổng lồ fight until there’s only one player’s team left standing. Playing against several opponents you get the chance to lớn pick a nhân vật from a shared pool and slowly build a team by earning coins and trading heroes.

There’s plenty of strategy in this fast-paced autobattler, whether that’s ensuring your heroes compliment each other, factoring in a counter for every enemy type, or combining items to buff character stats. By aligning attributes you’ll grow a strong team, earning perks from synergies và class bonuses. Lượt thích League of Legends, TFT undergoes regular updates & balance changes, such as rotating the anh hùng pool or adding new items. It’s always kept fresh whether you want lớn jump into a casual game, or take on ranked mode.

There you have it, our complete menu of the best không tính tiền PC games. As you can see there are loads of experiences you can enjoy for nothing, & the top không lấy phí games will keep you hooked for hundreds of hours. For more miễn phí PC games goodness, kiểm tra out our definitive menu of the best không lấy phí Steam gamesand the không tính phí MMOs you should try. And, if you’re in the market for dropping some cash, find out about the best PC games around – you don’t want that hard-earned money lớn go to waste, after all.