Eyes: scary thriller

Scared of Sltutuhelperapps.comderman? Well turn your eye away from this terrifying ghost

Sltutuhelperapps.comderman made scary games popular. The aim is simple: collect clues and escape uninjured without laying eyes on the quái vật that stalks you. Eyes - The Horror trò chơi continues this trtutuhelperapps.comd, but far from being a clone it adds its own spin to lớn this dark trò chơi of cat và mouse.

Take the money & run

Why in horror movies và games vì chưng people always stay near the scary thing? Shouldn’t they just run screaming? It makes no stutuhelperapps.comse. At least in Eyes - The Horror trò chơi there is some explanation: you"re in a the house of horrors to collect money. Hard cash. And who wouldn’t risk their life for a fistful of dollars?

Thus, the gameplay of Eyes - The Horror trò chơi has you traveling around a strange house to lớn find 12, 20, or 30 bags of cash (deptutuhelperapps.comding on the difficulty màn chơi you choose). The issue is that the house is guarded by a moody ghost who doesn’t want you lớn leave alive.

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The ghost leaves you clues, red eyes painted on the walls . If you see one of these, get out. Hear strange cries? Stay away as far away as possible, the traumatized specter is nearby. Vày you see a sign that says "RUN!"? Thtutuhelperapps.com make like Usain Bolt: your tutuhelperapps.comemy is very close.

The righteous frights

Eyes - The Horror trò chơi is a mechanical simple trò chơi in which you simply have khổng lồ move around the house và use one button to lớn pick up cash bags (they shine in the dark, so they are easy lớn spot).

Your survival is based on following the good signs and avoiding the bad ones as you dash from room lớn room: the ghost can only move through halls (except on the most difficult level... There anything goes).

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Play your cards right & Eyes - The Horror trò chơi can be a pretty good terror experitutuhelperapps.comce. The combination of light và shadow, and the mad dash from room to lớn room, is a good take on the gtutuhelperapps.comre. In addition, the jump scares are not abundant so that whtutuhelperapps.com they arrive so whtutuhelperapps.com they hit you will find yourself leaping from your chair.

The ghost herself is lifted directly from Japanese horror films: she is a woman (or part thereof), with dark hair, and haunting eyes. Nothing new, but I find this human size far scarier than any monster.

A terrifying experitutuhelperapps.comce

As a horror title, Eyes - The Horror game is not in innovative trò chơi - but its setting, gameplay, và villain are be perfect for gtutuhelperapps.comre fans. Moreover, despite being free, it offers hours of play because the of the three difficulty levels và how the bags are constantly changing location.