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Yo they actually used the movies OST yên ổn hype it is soooo good, better than the relatively forgettable anime stuff so far.

What would have sầu been interesting, & I'm not saying good or that anyone would lượt thích it, but interesting, is if when Boruto realized how to do that rasengan while making the cake he told Himawari he needed khổng lồ train và left her there with an unmade cake. Showing that he's actually more similar khổng lồ his father than he thinks.

That's probably not what they are going for with his character... but it would have been interesting if they did.

idk about that. Boruto lớn really loves/dotes on Himawari. Him doing something like that would be extremely out of character. If he was super wrapped up in & wholly focussed on becoming stronger to the extent that everything else becomes secondary, perhaps. Even then, it'd be super difficult to lớn believe

3 things about the episode:

A) I'm a little sad that the fight scene between Sasuke & that big dude from the Otsutsuki clan was shortened. I vividly remember that fight scene being amazing và jaw-dropping lớn watch in theaters when I saw the Boruto lớn movie ages ago. And good god I rethành viên it being loud af because you could feel each hit và clang during that one fight in particular. To be fair, if they added the whole fight scene it would be super strange because it would throw the pacing off for the episode.

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B) That fucking ninja tool Boruto uses is back, enough said.

I don't know why I moused over that spoiler tag, man. I knew I'd see it like probably tonight or tomorrow, because I'm binge watching, but damn, I just love khổng lồ make mistakes. :<

so I'm not following boruto lớn hardly at all but I saw the scene where boruto, sasuke, và the five kage go to rescue naruto. What was that from? an episode? a movie? where is the follow up to that?

So I’m confused and probably late to lớn the tiệc ngọt... but are they putting the borukhổng lồ movie into lớn the series? Last couple episodes I feel lượt thích watched before.

Theyre reusing scenes from the movie, but there was alot left out from the movie so its a balance really.

The beginning part where Sasuke wasn't having any of Boruto's shit when he disobeyed his mother was chất lượng Sasuke. That's the Sasuke I know & love

Good episode. I want to see Sasuke interacting with more people from the Rookie 9.

Also, love sầu how Saradomain authority went to lớn the same school of creeping in trees that Minakhổng lồ and Hinata went to lớn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm glad that the anime didn't make it seem lượt thích she was camped there most of the time, my memory might be hazy but I think the movie/manga made it seem lượt thích she was watching them train for a time that would be detrimental lớn her own training

Loved this episode và I am looking forward to lớn more stuff lượt thích this! Really wanna see Boruto và Sauce's reaction fleshed out way more.

But I laughed for a second when Boruto lớn went lớn go see Konohamaru & for a second I thought he was at the Hyuga's.

I was like "Aye is my boy Konohamaru banging hanging with Hanabi this hour of night.

Adult Sauce and Konohamaru as just so likable man.

Did anyone else notice that Sasukes fight was hella trimmed down... Also i think they did redo some parts of the fight animation. Overall it didnt look at good as the movie. Also is it just me or did the movie plot feel a little rushed to lớn fit into lớn whatever else they wanted khổng lồ vày.


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